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IBMi (AS400) fans only ' How to get *SAVF from Your Desktop to your IBM i System

#IBMiSample Suppose your *SAVF name is  SFFFDV1 For a PC: To FTP to the IBM i system, you should do the following: 1. Place SFFFDV1 in directory C:\TEMP 2. Open a command prompt window (CMD). 3. Type the following: CD C:\TEMP 4. FTP SYSTEMNAME or FTP where SYSTEMNAME is the IBM i system name and is the IP address. Press the Enter key. 5. Type the user ID and password . 6. To change to binary mode, type the following: BIN Press the Enter key. 7. To change the host and client to naming convention type 1, type the following: QUOTE SITE NAMEFMT 1 Press the Enter key. 8. To create the destination file in the library specified so you do not need to create the SAVF first, type the following: PUT SFFFDV1 /QSYS.LIB/ YOURLIB .LIB/SFFFDV1.SAVF Press the Enter key. 9. Now you have on your IBM i the *SAVF SFFFDV1 in your Library. To extract the SAVF objects, on your IBM i, type RSTLIB SAVLIB(FFDV1) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF( YOURLIB /SFFFDV1) Thanks to the IBM page:  Getting a

IBMi (AS400) fans only ' UTILITIES - How to retrieve physical file description


AS/400 fans only ' Take it for fun - How to download data from a Web Service - Weather report from

Weather report from   first of all get your own API key on , it's free. The Key looks like '35a545c6ce3bda8347f588353aa59fbd' Compile and run the program below to create the WBSWL00F table that will contain the weather data for a location, each row one location. WBSWL00F.SQLRPGLE       **free       *********************************       * create WBSWL00F Location list *       *********************************        ctl-opt        option(*nodebugio) dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(*new);         // The EXEC SQL is never executed. It is used at compile time.         exec sql Set Option Commit = *None;         // Create File         exec sql           create table WBSWL00F             (                WWIDNM numeric (9, 0) generated always as identity,                WWORIN TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT TIMESTAMP,                WWORCR TIMESTAMP GENERATED ALWAYS FOR EACH ROW ON UPDATE                     AS ROW CHANGE TIMESTAMP NOT N

IBMi (AS400) fans only ' Encrypting/Decrypting data with RpgFree & SQL embedded

  #IBMiSample Compile and Run this SQLRPGLE. This is an explanation how to encrypt/decrypt data in a DB2 table using RpgFree & SQL embedded.       **free       ************************************************       * Encrypting/Decrypting data with SQL embedded *       * Encrypt/decript example with                 *       * ENCRYPT_AES                                  *       * ENCRYPT_RC2                                  *       * ENCRYPT_TDES                                 *       *                                              *       * DECRYPT_BIT                                  *       ************************************************        ctl-opt        option(*nodebugio) dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(*new);        dcl-s encryptionPassword VARCHAR(128);        dcl-s p0                     CHAR(10);        dcl-s p1                     CHAR(10);        dcl-s p2                     CHAR(10);        dcl-s p3                     CHAR(10);        // The EXEC SQL is never executed. It is