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IBMi (AS400) fans only ‘ How to check the display size on 5250 screen. *DS3 80 columns or *DS4 132 columns

#IBMiSample In this example CHKDS4.RPGLE detects the screen setting. As an example I propose a CLP that calls PGM1 if the setting of 80 columns is detected, or calls PGM2 if the setting of 132 columns is detected.

IBMi (AS400) fans only ‘ Subfile window with mouse Selection - DoubleLeftClick - MOUBTN(*ULD CA04)

#IBMiSample Subfile window with mouse selection - DoubleLeftClick - MOUBTN(*ULD CA04) This example uses DoubleLeftClick MOUBTN(*ULD CA04) to select a subfile row. Please note: the mouse works with "Personal Communications iSeries Access" and does not work with a simple 5250 emulator (for example Mocha TN5250 does not detect the mouse). If you don't have "Personal Communications iSeries Access" it doesn't matter, the mouse doesn't work but the function keys work as usual. First of all look at this post and compile and populate CLANA00F to use this example. Don't forget to set the screen to 132 columns!    This is the display file: CL01SFV.DSPF       **************************************************************       *  CLANA01L Subfile with select option       **************************************************************                                             DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4)                                             INDARA