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IBMi (AS400) fans only ‘ Memories (IBM Coding Forms)

 IBM Coding Forms Oh mom! No, not my sweet, sweet natural mom, but IBM, the mother of us RPG programmers. The adventure with IBM began way back in 1992 when my friend said to me: "They need smart guys at a software house in Cesena!" And thanks to my dear friend, I ended up there, amidst the hills, good wine, Piadina Romagnola, and fresh pasta! It was December, and the company was an IBM partner. They asked me to take a course followed by an exam at IBM in Bologna. If I passed the test, they would hire me. Boom! Just 20 days later, there I was, at work! I started tinkering with the legendary IBM S/36 - today considered an informatics relic, but I swear, back then, it was a powerful machine! The first program I wrote, believe it or not, was on paper provided by the ancient scribes of IBM. Yes, I handwrote a program on paper. It felt more like a grandma's recipe than the result of my hard-earned studies! The "boss" said: "It looks decent, but load it onto the