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IBMi (AS400) fans only ' How to call a C runtime function from RPG program.

#IBMiSample Each IBMi user knows they run the most efficient system. All others just have too much money. This example comes from This example calls the C runtime printf() function to print a message to the standard output instead of to the external message queue.

IBMi (AS400) fans only ‘ how to read a flat file with sql embedded

#IBMiSample It often happens that you have to read all the records of a file. Years ago I would have used the RPG cycle defining the Input/Primary file. Today, with the introduction of embedded SQL, I would do this: First of all I create a file, then I manually write some records. to create a file I write this SQL source: IPFLSQL.SQL -- --  RUNSQLSTM SRCFILE(myLib/MySouceFile) SRCMBR(IPFLSQL) -- --  Generazione tabella CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE myLib /IPFLI00F ( IIFANN CHARACTER(1) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT, IITEXT CHARACTER(25) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT ) RCDFMT IPFLI ;  Run IPFLSQL.SQL with RUNSQLSTM SRCFILE(myLib/MySouceFile) SRCMBR(IPFLSQL) to create the file IPFLI00F. Then populate IPFLI00F with some records. No matter what you type, just a few records are enough. Then compile and run  IPFL01.SQLRPGLE       **free       *******************************************************       *  How to read an entire file from the beginning      *       ************************************************

IBMi (AS400) fans only ' A simple way to create table with Rpg Free & SQL embedded

#IBMiSample Compile and Run this SQLRPGLE to create table CLANA00F, index CLANA01L and table OTORD00F, and populate:       **free       *****************************       * create CLANA00F & OTORD00F       *****************************        ctl-opt option(*nodebugio) dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(*new);         // The EXEC SQL is never executed. It is used at compile time.         exec sql Set Option Commit = *None;         // Create File         exec sql           CREATE or REPLACE TABLE myLib/CLANA00F (           CLANN0 CHARACTER(01) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT,           CLCCL0 NUMERIC(7, 0) GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,           CLCIB0 CHARACTER(03) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT,           CLNOM0 CHARACTER(50) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT           )           RCDFMT CLANA           ;         // Create index         exec sql           CREATE INDEX myLib/CLANA01L ON myLib/CLANA00F (CLCCL0 ASC);         // Fill values         exec sql           INSERT INTO CLANA00F (CLCIB0, CLNOM0)