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IBMi (AS400) fans only ' How to check a date field ddmmyy

#IBMiSample How to check the correctness of a numeric date field 6 with 0 decimals. This program receives as input 1. a date in the DDMMYY format ( p_data ), for example p_data= 100612, that is June 10, 2012, an Error field ( p_error ). 2. a Flag field accepts date = 0 ( p_zero ). 3. returns a BLANK or 'E' value in the p_error field as a result of the check. CHKDATA.RPGLE       **free        ctl-opt option(*nodebugio:*srcstmt:*nounref) dftactgrp(*no)         ALWNULL(*USRCTL) ;         // Try with  STRDBG and         // CALL CHKDATA PARM(X'0120718F' 'x' 'N') valid date         // CALL CHKDATA PARM(X'0999999F' 'x' 'N') wrong date         // CALL CHKDATA PARM(X'0000000F' 'x' 'Y') no date, but it is allowed         // CALL CHKDATA PARM(X'0000000F' 'x' 'N') no date, it is not allowed         dcl-pi CHKDATA;           p_data packed(6);           p_error char(1);           p_zero  char(1);

IBMi (AS400) fans only ' Rpg Free Program Sample: How to manage a table through a program with two or more video formats

#IBMiSample Typically we have a table and we need to perform read, write, update operations. This simple program is an example of how. First of all look at  this post  and compile and populate these files to use this example.