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IBMi (AS400) fans only ' Journaling database physical files (tables)

Journaling database physical files is a powerful, built-in OS feature. It allows you to audit data file changes. Tracks additions, updates, deletions of a physical file. Let's see how it works. Scenario: I have a phisical file (Tabel) called CLANA00F, I wont tracks additions, updates and deletions about CLANA00F. Step 1: CRTJRNRCV create a journal receiver in your library CRTJRNRCV JRNRCV(VDOTEST1/JRCV) THRESHOLD(1500000) TEXT('My Journal Receiver') Step 2: CRTJRN create a journal into the journal receiver CRTJRN JRN(VDOTEST1/JRNL) JRNRCV(VDOTEST1/JRCV) Here is the just created journal receiver and the journal.  Step 3: STRJRNPF start auditing STRJRNPF FILE(VDOTEST1/CLANA00F) JRN(VDOTEST1/JRNL) IMAGES(*BOTH) OMTJRNE(*OPNCLO) // the option OMTJRNE(*OPNCLO) omit open and close entries. // Open and close operations on the specified file members do not create open and close journal entries. It saves some storage space in the attached receivers.