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IBMi (AS400) fans only - How to print with a externally described printer file


IBMi (AS400) fans only - How to add an HELP panel (Minimalist example) to a DSPF - HELP - ALTHELP - HLPARA - HLPPNLGRP

  #IBMiSample This is the PANEL source. Compile with  CRTPNLGRP PNLGRP(MyLib/PNLGR1) SRCFILE(MyLib/MySrcFile) SRCMBR(PNLGR1)   Member      Type   PNLGR1      PNLGRP .*********************************************************** .*    THIS IS HELP PANEL GROUP FOR HOTELIBMi               * .*********************************************************** :PNLGRP.                                                      .***********************************************************  .*    THIS IS HELP PANEL OTO500                            *  .***********************************************************  :HELP NAME=OTO500.Print arrivals Help panel                   :P.This is a example help text                                :P.This is another example help text                          :EHELP.                                                       .***********************************************************  .*    THIS IS SINGLE FIELD HELP PANEL                      *  .*******************************

IBMi (AS400) fans only - How to add/subtract days to a date from CL (CONTROL LANGUAGE)

#IBMiSample This is a CLLE! Compile with: CRTBNDCL PGM(DATEDISPLC) SRCFILE(QCLSRC) SRCMBR(DATEDISPLC) DATEDISPLC.CLLE /**************************************************************/ /* add/subtract days to a date                                */ /* Try with: CALL DATEDISPLC PARM('270219' X'0000005F')       */ /**************************************************************/              PGM        PARM(&DATE &DISPLACEM)                                   DCL        VAR(&DATE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(6)                            DCL        VAR(&DISPLACEM) TYPE(*DEC) LEN(6 0)                      DCL        VAR(&LILIAN) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(4)                                                                                              CALLPRC    PRC(CEEDAYS) PARM((&DATE) ('DDMMYY') +                                (&LILIAN) (*OMIT))                                     CHGVAR     VAR(%BIN(&LILIAN)) VALUE(%BIN(&LILIAN) + +